When were microbes created?

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Microbes and the Days of Creation

by Alan L. Gillen

January 16, 2008

Microbes and the Days of Creation


The world of germs and microbes has received much attention in recent years. But where do microbes fit into the creation account? Were they created along with the rest of the plants and animals in the first week of creation, or were they created later, after the Fall? These are some questions that creation microbiologists have been asking in recent years. Ongoing research, based on the creation paradigm, appears to provide some answers to these puzzling questions. The answers to these questions are not explicit in Scripture, so the answers cannot be dogmatic. However, a reasonable extrapolation from biological data and Scripture can be made about the nature of microbes in a fully mature creation. This article attempts to provide reasonable answers to when microbes were created and is meant to stimulate discussion and further research in this area.

Does same-sex marriage lead to beastiality?

“At the end of last week, the state’s most important Roman Catholic leader, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, designated the bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas A. DiMarzio, to be the church’s point man in Albany. Bishop DiMarzio has at times provided interesting insights on this issue. In 2004, he suggested that accepting same-sex marriage could put New York on a slippery slope toward condoning marriage between humans and animals.

“You want to reduce something to the absurd, which is basically rhetorical use of an image: Why can’t we have marriages between people and pets?” the bishop said during a radio interview. “I mean, pets really love their masters, and why can’t we have a marriage so they could inherit their money?” (Not to ride this train of thought too long, but Leona Helmsley showed it was possible for a dog to inherit money without the trouble of a wedding.)

Asked if same-sex unions may be a pathway toward other forms of legally sanctioned marriage, Bishop DiMarzio said, “It certainly is.”’

Source: CityRoom
NY Times June 20 2011
June 20, 2011, 8:44 am

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