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Gays want to force everyone to have sex with them–preacher

Tim Brooks warns that the SCOTUS ruling will lead to LGBTs forcing themselves on heterosexuals. Advertisements

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Not just in Pakistan–religion and nutrition of children

On not giving eggs to children who need a protein source….

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Religion does not have to kill

Fact: If you are working unprotected in the hot sun, the major way that you can cool down is to sweat. Fact: If you sweat in the desert, with very dry air, and the sweat evaporates from you body, Fact: … Continue reading

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Mazel Tov! (a change from the usual)

Francis has drawn from a wide variety of sources, partly to buttress his arguments, partly to underscore the universality of his message. He regularly cites passages from his two predecessors, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, even as … Continue reading

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Nobody retires in the bible

Billionaire Republican to Montana: Old people should be more like Noah and build arks until they die …wealthy businessman Greg Gianforte, who is likely to run against Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock… For a little context, Gianforte’s remarks were made at … Continue reading

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