Noah’s Ark Theme Park Wants To Reclaim The Rainbow From Pesky Queer People

Noah’s Ark Theme Park Wants To Reclaim The Rainbow From Pesky Queer PeopleThe Huffington Post – US
For decades the rainbow has been used as a symbol of pride for the modern queer rights movement… and not everyone is happy about that. … Read the full story

Hmmm…if the rainbow can’t be used as a metaphor, perhaps we shouldn’t use any biblical image or story?

Is this what Jesus would do?

Liberty University president urges: ‘End those Muslims’ via concealed gun carry

Jerry Falwell Jr says remarks to students referred to San Bernardino attackers and notes that only students over 21 would be armed under Virginia law

This blog started as silly remarks by clerics but….

Evangelism and pop music

Six senior officials of Singapore’s City Harvest megachurch have been jailed over a $50m Singapore dollar ($35m; £23m) fraud case.

The evangelical church’s pastor and founder, Kong Hee, was jailed for eight years – others received between 21 months and six years.

The court ruled last month the group had misused church finances to fund the music career of Kong’s wife, Sun Ho.


Known for its slick image and wealth-focused brand of Christianity,


The hope was that songs like China Wine – a tune with rapper Wyclef Jean depicting Ms Ho as a Chinese exotic dancer in Jamaica – would help spread the gospel.


Ms Ho herself was not prosecuted in connection with the case and did not attend Friday’s sentencing.

She recently took over leadership of the church.

Nobody retires in the bible

Billionaire Republican to Montana: Old people should be more like Noah and build arks until they die

…wealthy businessman Greg Gianforte, who is likely to run against Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock… For a little context, Gianforte’s remarks were made at Montana Bible College…

“There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it’s been an accepted concept in our culture today,” he said. “Nowhere does it say, ‘Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach.’ It doesn’t say that anywhere.”

“The example I think of is Noah,” he continued. “How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn’t like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical.”