The horrible and the good

First, the horrible:

Pakistani Taliban Attack on Peshawar School Leaves 145 Dead

but then the good–that humans treat other humans with respect. Remember that, after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, Orthodox Jewish women went to the neighboring Arab community in Brooklyn and offered to shop for them if they were scared. Well, The Australians turned that gesture into a worldwide effort:

Australians started to tweet an anti-Islamophobia response that indicated that they would stand with their countrymen against any outbursts of hatred. #illridewithyou has gone viral in a worldwide effort.

#illridewithyou goes viral after Sydney siege

Anti-Islamaphobia campaign trends globally in solidarity with Muslims after cafe standoff raised fears of reprisal.

Love thy neighbor

We could be AIDS-free by Christmas if we got busy and killed the homos

Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Arizona is no stranger to spewing awful things in the name of the Lord. In 2009, Anderson made a media splash when he delivered a sermon during which he prayed for President Obama’s death. Just this past March, he went on a tirade over women who so much as dared utter an amen in church, telling his lady-congregants that their place was subserviently in the home. He has also had some choice words for Jewish people, declaring that “Christ-rejecting jews are children of the devil”.