Bacon defines Christianity?

It seems that the fact that bacon is sold in US stores proves that the US is a Christian nation. (How this works for the Chinese, who eat more pork than Americans, is not explained. In any case, the author goes on to cite Leviticus to justify the argument that homosexuality is a sin in Christianity. (Leviticus is also where the prohibition of pork is found. In any case, it’s most likely that  Jesus kept kosher. It was one of the disciples who abandoned the kosher laws. See Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan.)

The reference for the bacon story is:

Probably not great interpretation of difference between men and women

Tue Sep 09, 2014 at 11:08 AM PDT

Pastor Mark Driscoll Calls Women ‘Penis Homes’; His Megachurch Begins Closing Branches

In a 2001 blog post under the pen name William Wallace II, Driscoll blatantly asserts his patriarchal understanding of women’s role in the world, essentially calling them “penis homes”:

The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may seem, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while.

While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wondering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home.

Therefore, if you are single you must remember that your penis is homeless and needs a home. But, though you may believe your hand is shaped like a home, it is not. And, though women other than your wife may look like a home, to rest there would be breaking into another man’s home. And, if you look at a man it is quite obvious that what a homeless man does not need is another man without a home.