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Where hurricanes come from

Deadstate.org is not a great source, but this seems likely: Hurricanes are caused by homosexuality. http://deadstate.org/and-now-heres-the-evangelicals-blaming-hurricanes-on-the-gays/ Advertisements

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Recommendation: Keep a closed mind


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Among other things, enough said


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All the US and its politics is a conspiracy 

Obama is converting others to not only Islam but the Muslim Brotherhood *****and***** Sea levels are not rising. Evil cities are sinking. (Of course, there was the incident of Sodom and Gomorrah.) http://dcpols.com/sam-rohrer-the-american-people-need-to-understand-that-john-brennan-is-a-muslim-brotherhood-convert-by-obama/ http://religionlo.com/john-hagee-rising-sea-levels-are-an-illusion-sinful-cities-are-actually-sinking/

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Kill in the name of Christ and Americanism!

The URL says it all, but worth reading anyway. Pastor Allen Joyner Calls On Military Personal To Shoot People In The Crowd That Refuse To Stand For The Anthem

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I love Jesus, so share the hatred (and load your gun)

Joshua Feuerstein advises Christians to carry guns to shoot anyone who threatens a policeman. The video is remarkable for its total mood of hate. Josh Feuerstein to Black Lives Matter: ‘I will fill you with 60 rounds of pure lead’

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Not only ISIS (or ISEL)

Christians also vandalize pre-Christian sites. (Pre-Christian in the geological, not chronological sense) Christian group vandalizes ancient Mexican archeological site claiming it’s linked to ‘Devil worship’

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