Hello world!

Not everyone who speaks for God seems to have communicated with God. This site is dedicated to the collection of pronouncements by individuals whose vision appears to be questionable. Enjoy and contribute as you wish. Contributions and suggestions are welcome. They may be added as comments to the appropriate page. However, they will be moderated, and references are required.

The quotations, taken from many sources, are assembled by subject rather than by religion (see header) to demonstrate that no single group has a monopoly on foolishness. As the comments indicate, they can be ranked as mere time- and effort-wasters (as perceived by others) and comical to those that are malicious or even vicious in intent. As no evil is intended here, we prefer to collect those pronouncements that do not cause pain or suffering.

Note added 5/19/2011 courtesty of nsl: There is a nice categorization of lots of nonsense at http://i.imgur.com/V3QDQ.jpg

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