Some things that prayer doesn’t accomplish

It doesn’t cool down hot fajita trays.

It doesn’t change the minds of judges.

(The gentleman described apparently burned his face when he tried to say a blessing before tackling a fajita. He sued, but the judge considered it to be “an obvious danger”.)

Judge tosses out Applebee’s face-burning fajitas lawsuit

Don’t let women drive!

Religious figures have also weighed in.

One prominent sheik, Nasser al-Omar, led a delegation of more than 100 sheiks to the royal court in Jeddah to appeal to the king against “the conspiracy of women driving,” as he said in a video posted online.

Another cleric, Sheik Mohammed al-Nujaimi, described the campaign as a “great danger,” saying it would lead to ruined marriages, a low birthrate, the spread of adultery, more car accidents and “the spending of excessive amounts on beauty products.”

New York Times October 28, 2013 (Ben Hubbard)

Hello world!

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